lördag 22 november 2014

Just a breath away from a job in telemarketing

Dag 8 i 30-days-of books. Dagens punkt är "Your favourite quotes from books", och jag kör helt och hållet på den mest citatvänliga bok jag vet: Microserfs av Douglas Coupland.

"My brain is built of paths and slides and ladders and lasers and i have invited all of you to enter its pavilion. My brain, as you enter, will smell of tangerines and brand-new running shoes".

"The belief that tomorrow is a different place from today is certainly a unique hallmark of our species".

"Sometimes you accidentally input an extra digit into the year: i.e, 19993 and you add 18,000 years on to *now*, and you realize that the year 19993 will one day exist and that time is a scary thing, indeed".

"Face it: You're always just a breath away from a job in telemarketing".

"But then a bumblebee bumbled above us and it stole our attention the way flying things can".

"Maybe thinking you're supposed to 'have a life' is a stupid way of buying into an untenable 1950s narrative of what life is 'supposed' to be. How do we know all of these people with 'no lives' aren't really on the new frontier of human sentience and preceptions"?

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